Citronniers market

A few traders sell takeaway dishes and food products at the exit from King Baudouin metro station on Fridays from 3pm to 7pm. It is small but very practical for people in a hurry, selling high-quality snacks just next to the metro. There is a fruit stall, a waffle-seller and a stall selling Cameroonian specialities. The different dishes in sauce and the grilled meats fill the area with fragrant aromas and whet the appetite.

Marché des Citronniers
Marché des Citronniers
Marché des Citronniers
Marché des Citronniers
Marché des Citronniers

I find at the market

Tasting market
3 spaces
Fruits and vegetables
Food products

50.8950347, 4.3241144

Practical information

Avenue des Citronniers, 1020 Brussels
3pm -7pm
Public transport
King Baudouin stop: Metro 6
Amethyste stop: Bus 84 and 88
King Baudouin car park
ATM nearby (KBC)

To see around

The Cité Modèle is an example of modern architecture and regular cultural events are held at the Cité Culture. King Baudouin stadium hosts sports tournaments, concerts and shows throughout the year. Head to the nearby Atomium, the most famous monument in Brussels. It is a real symbol of the city and visitors can either visit its interior or simply admire the structure from the outside.


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Markets Unit

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Open for public: 
from Monday to Friday from 9 am to noon, Tuesday from 2 pm to 4 pm