This summer, discover the zero waste shopkeepers in your neighbourhood!

This summer, we invite you to come and meet the shopkeepers in your neighbourhood who offer an alternative to our usual way of consumption.

The City has created 4 routes that include different shops, restaurants and initiatives that follow the ecological trend of "zero waste".  Each route starts from the markets: de Wand, Place Peter Benoit, Square Marguerite and Objectif Zéro Déchet & Bio de la place Sainte Catherine.

From the smallest gesture to the most committed collective, you are sure to find what you need:

  • Shops or restaurants where personal containers are welcome,
  • Organic shops and restaurants,
  • Second-hand shops
  • Eco-responsible products,
  • Bicycle and computer repair shops, tailors, shoemakers, etc.
  • Libraries, vegetable gardens, compost or community gardens,...

By clicking here you will find an interactive map with all the shops included in the different routes.

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