New market in the European quarter!

The City of Brussels wants to give the European quarter, and in particular the Square Marguerite, a boost by a market of local, sustainable and waste-free products. The aim is to offer the residents of the European quarter a new commercial offer with less packaging.

Local and sustainable products

In the context of this market, you will find: fruit and vegetables, cheese and dairy products, bread and pastries, (cold) meat, fish and seafood, groceries (coffee, tea, chocolate) and delicacies, hygiene and cosmetic products, and all products adapted to zero waste (bulk, reusable containers,...). Local producers, artisans and local products are more appreciated.

The challenge for this market is that the various traders do not directly offer packaging. For example, they encourage customers to bring their own containers and bags. 


  • Square Marguerite - 1000 Brussels


  • Each Wednesday from 12 pm to 6 pm


  • Bulk products, local products, zero waste products

Zero Waste tour

On the occasion of the launch of the new Marguerite Square market on 21 April, the City is organising, in collaboration with Zero Waste Belgium, a Zero Waste tour in the neighbourhood.

Along the way, you will discover a range of shops offering a Zero Waste alternative to your daily life. Repair, organic and local food, second hand, bulk... Let yourself be guided!

The walk is totally free but limited to 4 people per time slot.

To register, please send an email to specifying the desired time.

- 3 pm

- 3.15 pm

- 3.30 pm

- 3.45 pm

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